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The Aval Carpenter Guild is a powerful association of tradesmen. The high demand for and scarcity of timber throughout the Shomaal has made the carpentry trade in timber-rich Aval Kingdom extremely wealthy and influential. They have used their resources to advance the interests of their members through limiting competition by restricting membership and maintaining political favor by contributing generously to the royal treasury and key nobility. The Carpenter’s Guild has a general reputation for up-front dealing, but is known to retaliate viciously to protect its members and advance their interests. All transaction disputes are handled by guild-run tribunals. The guild is divided into five main chapters. Simple jobs that do not fall into any of the chapters (such as fencing and basic structures) are farmed out to the guild’s journeymen of any chapter.

Windmill Chapter in Negal

The Windmill Chapter covers masters in windmill design and construction as well as any other type of mill (water mill) or industrial engine incorporating wood (olive press, winch, drawbridge). This is the most powerful chapter because of its ability to paralyze large, centralized industrial economic activity in Aval Kingdom by refusing to build or repair industrial structures.

Shipwrights Chapter in Kahnul

The Shipwrights Chapter is obviously in charge of the oceangoing craft built in Kahnul’s drydocks, but also covers large, fixed bridges and major stone structures (which require wood scaffolding to erect). These latter projects include master carpenters who are really more accurately described as stonemasons. The strategic importance of their work limits their ability to offend the civil authority, but with private ship-buyers, they are basically untouchable.

Bowyer’s Chapter in Aval City

This closely regulated group specializes in bows of all kinds (short, long, composite, and crossbows) as well as siege engines including trebuchets, catapults, ballistae, and mobile platforms.

Carter’s and Coopers Chapter in Zabol

This chapter manufactures coaches, wagons, and barrels. The small scale and dispersed nature of these markets limit the political power of this chapter.

Decorative Chapter in Aval City

Decorative Chapter masters specialize in purely artistic works as well as functional pieces spanning simple to ornate furniture. This is a reasonably influential chapter despite the generally small scale and dispersed nature of these markets because prominent masters are highly sought after by the Aval elite.

Aval Carpenter Guild

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