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Situated in the Aval (First) Kingdom, this is the oldest library in known Jaraah. Sages roam its stacks and conduct research for fees. Individuals seeking to peruse the collections themselves can do so only by invitation. The Library is run by a group of Loremasters. By custom, Loremasters are nominated by the King of Aval, but approved by the current Loremasters. The current most senior Loremaster is Loremaster Umkayar followed by Loremaster Poluak.

Jongo the Drummer explaining the workings of the Aval Library to companions in the year 4512 of the Noruz reckoning.

“…I know about the Library because I submitted some lore. While I traveled with the Kavus exiles, I recorded their activities. When they finally expelled Sob-Rooz after ten years of fighting, I had created the most complete chronicle of the campaign. I confess it was mostly luck being in the right place at the right time. I was in New Azakh when ”/campaign/saga-of-jaraah/wikis/emperorssr" class=“wiki-page-link”> “Iron-Fist” died and the exiles made their move. I had been playing in the exiled court and just tagged along when they packed up and headed home. Xelem XVIII was well-known to be a little thick between the ears, so the exiles had been biding their time and plotting while waiting for “Iron-Fist” to finally die of old age. My human side is from Aval, and over the years I’ve come to know some sufficiently influential people who helped me make my case to the sages.

New lore is created all the time. Some of it is more interesting to the Library than others, but there is always something to trade. The Dwali tribe’s massacre has probably not been recorded by the Library since it sounds pretty recent and evidently there were very few survivors. If some prominent elves died, the story could be worth more, but if not, the Library might trade another elven tribe Claacos massacre tale for Corvis’s story. Such a story might be valuable to someone interested in recovering those personal totems for proper burial. I didn’t know that custom of the elves. I’m mostly human and don’t know any of my elven relatives.

Otherwise, major events like the Kavus insurrection that I covered definitely qualify. You have to have the best coverage and act quickly, though. Such an event has many participants and many people seek entry to the Library and cluster around potential political hot spots. You do need to be the first to submit your tale to get full benefits. There are some rewards for independent corroboration, though.

Some people attempt to visit ruins in the south to recover artifacts or otherwise reveal the final days of the inhabitants who did not or could not flee. Unfortunately, most of the easy to access ruins have already been explored. These are just some examples. Basically anything interesting that is not generally known…"

Aval Library

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