Aval (First) City

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Aval (First) City is ancient. Its bustling markets and squares supply all manner of goods. Benefiting from its southern location, delicacies such as beef, bread, and fruit are relatively easily available. The city consists of a series of six progressively larger walls enclosing each other. They are not perfectly circular, but rather follow the terrain naturally. The outer, most recently built wall was constructed 250 years ago after the King of Aval (Gorthan LXII) determined the Claacos might very well arrive at his doorstep. Since then, no one has been allowed to build against the exterior of the outermost wall. The land is cleared for 100 yards and the walls are thick, deep, and well maintained. Depth is important to prevent the Claacos from burrowing under the wall. The famed Aval Library is housed in the second ring, the first being reserved for the royal family and household. Vigilance by Aval Kingdom’s army has ensured that no Claacos colony has been able to mature enough within the kingdom to mount an assault on Aval City. Some worry this has fostered complacency in the maintenance of the outermost city wall’s integrity. The military significance of their products places the Bowyer’s Chapter of the Aval Carpenter Guild in Aval City. The high density of wealthy potential patrons explains the placement of the headquarters of the Decorative Chapter of the Aval Carpenter Guild in Aval City.


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