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Before the establishment of the refugee kingdoms in the Shomaal, Zabol was a sleepy fishing town and Daryaa trading post. Now, it is on the main thoroughfare connecting the capitals of Aval Kingdom, Yazd, and beyond. It is the main entry point for visitors to Aval Kingdom and has prospered greatly. It is now a major trading city that has grown at the expense of other coastal Aval cities. Besides the agricultural products raised in its hinterland, most products from Aval Kingdom intended for destinations beyond Yazd make a stop in Zabol. Yazd is a kingdom slowly sinking into chaos. Small groups of adventurers sufficiently well-armed and intimidating can use the road between New Zarch and New Sob-Rooz. However, too much criminal activity and capricious taxation force Aval producers to send their goods by sea to Mazra from where they go overland into Sob-Rooz. Because of Zabol’s central importance to international trade, the Carters and Coopers Chapter of the Aval Carpenter Guild has made its headquarters here.

<api: /> Zabol is currently “overseen” by Duke Hahry. Hahry, although slovenly, and not physically fit, is a master at micromanagement. The taxes he levies are levied by design to maximize his holdings. As for the criminal activity, he doesn’t seem to mind, as long as it doesn’t interfere with his bottom line. Duke Hahry has been slowly getting on in years, and his 3 possible heirs (Harmione, Rahn, Jehnnie) have been making the requisite “preparations” should his health fail… </api:>


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