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Aval Kingdom


Alabash sits at the crossroads east of Kahnul. The east road leads to Aval City (15 days). South connects to the famous Lighthouse of Kahnul (2-3 days), while southeast joins the south coastal road to Jiroft (15 days). Kahnul is only a day or two along the west road.

Alabash is the last town on the road to Kahnul before Kahnul itself. West of here, Claacos incursions are too frequent for small settlements to reliably defend themselves. Though there are regular patrols along the road, they are inadequate to allow for permanent habitation. Sitting on a major crossroads, Alabash has always been a prominent town. It was fortified in 4157 after the Claacos nearly successfully swarmed onto the Aval peninsula (see Kahnul). Travelers rest here to prepare for the dangerous journey west. All manner of goods from southern and eastern Aval travel west to supply Kahnul. Claacos carcasses and timber flow east to other points in the kingdom. Travelers will spend some time in the town waiting for others to show up. After ‘enough’ travelers arrive, they will head west together for mutual defense against possible Claacos attacks.


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