Local Businesses in Kahnul

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Grand Arms Inn This is a reputable establishment with reasonable prices located near the eastern gate of Kahnul. Merchants arriving overland often stay here while they negotiate their transactions because of its close proximity to warehouses.

Red Reindeer Inn This inn rarely hosts overnight guests, though it does have rooms to let. Most of its business seems to be with regulars who are not very friendly to the odd travelers who sometimes stumble into the common room.

Little Shoppe of Curios This shop has no regular stock. Adventurers stop here to both buy and sell bizarre items.

The Queen and Her Drones This brothel near Hunter’s Square next to Kahnul’s southeastern gate caters to Claacos Hunters resting between hunters. It’s a rowdy establishment, but enforcers keep things from going too far.

Crazy Horse Low ranking officers of the Mounted Patrol corps frequent this watering hole for all types of gentlemanly entertainments.

High Tower Grille This upscale club is all business. Big-time merchants come here to catch up with each other, exchange information, and make deals. The food is excellent.

Old Soles Pub This is a saloon for the everyday working man. Local claacos butchers, chitin craftsmen, and day laborers come here to unwind after a hard day’s work.

Great Oak Boarding House Claacos Hunters stay at this inexpensive boarding house in between hunts. It is named after a large oak tree that stood at the site before the inn’s construction. In fact, the tree was felled to build it. The common room still features the massive stump which is used as a communal dining table. It is located on Hunter’s Square close to the Queen and Her Drones (see above).


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