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The Bandar crown selects civil servants and trains them to administer the kingdom as clerks, investigators, advisers, and magistrates. Mechanisms such as frequent job rotations, an audit department, and a strong culture minimize corruption and influence peddling. Commoners typically enter as clerks and advisers and work their way up to investigators, magistrates, and auditors. Nobles will usually enter at higher levels right away.

All civil servants start off with the rank of clerk. After proving themselves competent, they may be promoted to senior clerk. To advance beyond senior clerk, civil servants must rotate into at least one other branch of the service and of course demonstrate adequacy for increased responsibility. After they are deemed worthy of promotion, they must select a branch in which to specialize for a lifetime career.

Branch Diplomatic Corps Military Auxiliary Commerce Interior Investigations Justice
Rank 1 Clerk Clerk Clerk Clerk Clerk Clerk
Rank 2 Senior Clerk Senior Clerk Senior Clerk Senior Clerk Senior Clerk Senior Clerk
Rank 3+ Attache Adjutant Administrator Administrator Investigator Advocate
Rank 4+ Sr. Attache Sr. Adjutant Sr. Administrator Sr. Administrator Sr. Investigator Sr. Advocate
Rank 5 Diplomat Strategist Minister Minister Inspector Magistrate
Rank 6 Sr. Diplomat Sr. Strategist Deputy Minister Deputy Minister Sr. Inspector Sr. Magistrate
Rank 7 Ambassador General++ Chief Minister Chief Minister Chief Inspector Chief Magistrate

+ Individuals holding ranks 3 or 4 in the civil service are often informally referred to as “advisers” by the people they are assigned to assist.

++ It is possible for a member of the civil service to be appointed a General. Such an individual would actually be part of the military service.

Bandar Civil Service

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