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Because of the dysfunction of the Kingdom of Yazd to the south, most trade linking Aval Kingdom to the rest of the Shomaal goes through New Mazra. Ships load up in Zabol with goods from the rest of the Aval Peninsula and unload in New Mazra for overland distribution into the interior. New Mazra is a model of administrative efficiency and reliability. Bribes are uncommon. Reasonable and consistent tariffs usually make smuggling unprofitable.

New Mazra is one of the most tolerant and cosmopolitan cities in the Shomaal. Substantial communities of demi-humans (gnomes, halflings, and dwarfs) have been established here. Only elves lack a significant presence because of the bad history with the Great Alliance. All major religions, and most minor ones, have a presence in New Mazra. None dominates. Numerous theaters and concert halls cater to all social strata. Civic minded nobility have established beautiful public gardens and museums for the enjoyment of the populace. The city itself is a hodge-podge of construction techniques including slag-brick structures dressed up with tile or stucco, elegant stone buildings, and wood lodges. Some criticize the lack of architectural cohesion, but the residents spend every effort to make their buildings look good individually.

Many of the major powers maintain an official presence in New Mazra. Among these are the Empire of Sob-Rooz, the Kingdom of Yazd, and the Kingdom of Seft. Aval Kingdom has a consular office as well where one or two sages from the Aval Library are routinely posted. The Temple of Khoob has a large abbey in the hinterland of New Mazra which doubles as a diplomatic mission for the Zahedanian Protectorate. Nearly all major religions have temples in New Mazra.

Recently, there has been a large influx of Yazd refugees. They have been associated with a substantial increase in crime of all sorts including pickpocketing and burglary as well as more serious muggings, rapes, and murders. The civil authorities are working to combat this rising tide, but fear things will get worse as the situation in Yazd continues to deteriorate and desperate refugees continue to pour in.

New Mazra is ruled by Lord Dragmar of House Ukulus.

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