Bladack's Spell Book

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Bladack was the Zemestani priest who infiltrated the crypt below the Thermal Caves Temple of Wheyfus. There, he raised an undead army intending to wreak havoc during the Choghan invasion. Fortunately, he was stopped by the Champion of Wheyfus, Clive Battlegibber, a steadfast band of ex-miners Hammer of Wheyfus, and some other comrades. Clive also led an expedition to bring back the head of Bladack after he escaped when his undead army was defeated.

Prayer Name Prayer Level Pages
Bless 1 1-5
Cure Light Wounds 1 6-10
Sanctuary 1 11-16
Detect Snares & Pits 1 17-20
Heat Metal 2 21-27
Find Traps 2 28-29
Meld into Stone 3 30-32
Stoneshape 3 33-35
Slow Poison 2 36-37
Animate Dead 3 38-40
Snow Drift 1 41-43
Mundane journal entry NA 44-45

Bladack's Spell Book

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