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Rule Modifications and Other Mechanics

This is a custom class built on the class of the same name in the Oriental Adventures Guide (OAG). Players should refer to that guide to understand the full motivation and flavor of the Bushi. This wiki page simply proposes rules to adapt the class for 2nd edition compatibility.

  • Bushi follow fighter class rules unless stated otherwise.
  • Ranger/Paladin xp table.
  • Must have STR14+, DEX14+, CON13+, CHA9+, 10% bonus xp if STR16+, DEX16+.
  • Kiai shout 1/day, duration 4 rounds + 1 round per level (see table below).
  • Nimble: -1 to AC every 5 levels if lightly armored (see table below). Cumulative with shield. Cumulative with armor equivalent or worse than studded leather (AC 7).
  • 3 bonus NWP slots spendable on player’s choice (see table below).
  • Pick Pockets 20% base, +2% per level, normal modifiers apply (DEX bonus, armor penalties, etc.).
  • Loose Items: able to find serviceable 1/2 price items. As described in OAG when in Kavus, 50% effective in other kingdoms (see table below).
  • At level 9+, self-heal through 1 hour meditation, 1/day for (level-8)x2 HP.
  • Code of conduct (see below).

Kiai Shout

Level To Hit Bonus Temporary HP Saving Throw Bonus
1-3 +1 1d10 +1
4-6 +2 2d10 +1
7+ +3 3d10 +1


Level AC Bonus
1-5 -1
6-10 -2
11-15 -3
16+ -4

Eligible Bonus NWP

  • Weaponsmithing
  • Armorer
  • Bowyer/Fletcher
  • Blacksmithing
  • Leatherworking
  • Carpentry
  • Hunting
  • Mining

Loose Items

Settlement Type Shogunate of Kavus Elsewhere
Village 20% 10%
Medium Village 25% 13%
Large Village 30% 15%
Small Town 40% 20%
Large Town 60% 30%
City 90% 45%

Code of Conduct

While Bushi can be any alignment, they do have a code of conduct of sorts. Bushi must stay true to the hard-scrabble lifestyle responsible for their self-reliant abilities. Bushi who come into wealth must actively strive to live in a frugal and austere manner in order to maintain their special Bushi skills. Wealthy Bushi who show up in a village dressed as the finest of lords cannot expect the cooperation of the peasants to find 1/2 price items. Bushi who eat nothing but rich meats cannot expect to maintain the facility behind the pick pockets and nimbleness abilities. A life of gluttonous luxury will disperse the Bushi’s ki focus preventing the kiai shout and meditative healing powers. This is not to say a Bushi cannot accumulate wealth nor that a Bushi can never indulge. Rather, the Bushi must live in a manner consistent with his history ‘most of the time.’ If a Bushi fails to adhere to this Code of Conduct, he will revert to a regular fighter of the same level, losing any excess xp.


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