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Clan Bear is second only to Clan Dire Wolf in East Daryaa. It’s elite warriors ride giant polar bears into battle. Individual polar bear riders are arguably more powerful than individual dire wolf riders, but Clan Dire Wolf is more numerous and better organized. Clan Bear is more open than Clan Dire Wolf and sometimes engages with traders from the Kingdom of Seft, though they are known to sometimes attack traders and other travelers without provocation. They will trade with other Daryaan tribes, the Gnomes of Daryaa, and elven tribes. They bear particular animosity to the Kingdom of Chogha because of the viciousness of King Vigo of Chogha. King Vigo has adorned his main hall with the skulls of giant polar bears and their riders that have been killed in his exploits. Clan Bear is determined to recover those relics for proper ritual cremation.

Nanoq-staa, the Bear-Riders

Clan Bear

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