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Shogunate of Kavus

Prior to the year 4504, Clan Takumi held the position of Shogun’s Weaponsmith. All katana wielded by the Shogun’s personal household were purchased from Clan Takumi for generations. This prestige obviously elevated Clan Takumi in the eyes of all samurai and daimyo, and so the clan prospered. In the year 4504, Clan Wasaka exterminated Clan Takumi in a sudden, midnight raid. It is believed that all perished. Clan Takumi owned a famous katana named Peace that had been passed down the generations for over 200 years. Having utterly defeated Clan Takumi, Clan Wasaka claims rightful ownership of Peace and now proudly displays it in their manor. Immediately after the raid, some questioned the totality of Clan Takumi’s defeat. They claimed the last son’s body was never found and accused Clan Wasaka of producing a fake Peace. In the years since, this alleged survivor has not emerged, and Clan Wasaka has defended its honor with death duels using Peace. None now openly question Clan Wasaka’s honor, and Clan Wasaka now serves the Shogun’s personal household and is the leading supplier of katana to the clans of Kavus.

First hand account of Clan Wasaka’s victory over Clan Takumi, author unknown.

<Blauer> Around late Fall, during a Harvest celebration on the family grounds, Clan Takumi came under attack by Clan Wasaka. Clan Wasaka had become jealous of the Takumi Clan, as the Takumi clan was the only clan the Shogun accepted weapons from. That night, the joyous occasion turned into a blood bath. Catching the Takumi clan off guard Clan Wasaka was able to slaughter everyone, and everything, that moved. When the battle was over, and the attacking clan had left, every structure had been destroyed, or burnt down. </Blauer>

Magistrate of the Shogun commenting on Clan Wasaka’s victory over Clan Takumi.

Clan Wasaka prevailed over Clan Takumi through honorable superiority in force of arms. Clan Takumi had ample time to prepare and nothing prevented it from doing so. It’s defeat was a consequence of its lack of readiness and vigilance. The exalted position of Shogun’s Weaponsmith must go to a clan ready and able to honorably defend itself. Clan Wasaka in revealing the deficiencies of Clan Takumi has performed a great service to the Shogun.

Clan Wasaka

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