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Claacos will eat almost anything including plant matter. Foragers are the hunter-gatherers of the Claacos. They are the smallest and weakest of the breeds, but are still not to be trifled with. They work in packs of 20-80 (2d4x10). They will spread out and scour the landscape for food sources. When one of them finds something edible, it will signal the others who will all swarm over whatever has been discovered to carry it back to the hive. They range in strength from 1/2 HD to 2 HD with the larger, stronger types in the warmer south. They get two bite attacks (1d4) per round with 15 movement. Forager exoskeletons are too thin to fashion into armor and only offer Foragers AC 8. In the cold, their movement halves and they get only one attack per round.

Fortunately for the other creatures of Jaraah, the Claacos war with each other. When a hive is wiped out, the land gets a brief reprieve and can recover somewhat only to be devastated by the new hive that eventually emerges. It seems each hive can only control so much territory so that once a hive is exterminated, the neighboring hives do not get bigger. Rather, there is a vacuum that is eventually filled by an entirely new hive. Nobody knows the exact mechanism by which a new hive is created. Soldier Claacos wage this perpetual war. They range in strength from 1 HD to as much as 8 HD depending on latitude. Bigger and bulkier than foragers, they have only 12 movement. They have 2-4 claw attacks of 1d4-1d8 depending on size and 1-2 bite attacks of 1d6-1d12 depending on size per round. Attacks and movement are halved in sufficient cold. Soldier Claacos exoskeletons can be fashioned into armor and give the beasts AC 1-4 depending on size. Without a Drone, Soldier Claacos operate in units of 4-16 (4d4). Even if more Soldier Claacos are present, they will not coordinate their efforts beyond a single unit. For example, if one Soldier Claacos unit is engaged in combat with some adventurers, a nearby Soldier Claacos unit might not engage if it has no direct interaction with the adventurers (doesn’t see, smell, hear, taste, or feel them).

Drones mate with the Queen Claacos and also coordinate Solider Claacos. The sophistication of the coordination is a function of the number of Drones as well as Soldier Claacos. A 1:100 ratio is optimal. While a Soldier Claacos unit without a Drone will simply engage the nearest enemies, a Drone will order some to attack the archers and mages in the back. Drones are smaller than Soldiers and range in strength from 1-6 HD. They have only one bite attack per round (1d4-1d8), movement 12, and AC 0-4. They move and attack at 1/2 normal rate in sufficient cold.

Very little is known about Queen Claacos.

Claacos Larvae are huge grubs that do nothing but eat. If not constantly supplied with food, they will eat each other. Larvae have 1/2-4 HD depending on latitude, age and expected mature state (Larvae destined to be Soldier Claacos in the warmest climes will grow to 4 HD). They are basically helpless unless one is thrown in a pit full of them. Then they will bite for 1d4 damage once per round.h3. Your title here…


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