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The Dwarven Enclave was created after a significant influx of dwarfs. Though the gnomes and dwarfs mix freely, the dwarfs sought a territory they could call their own. Thus, they explored and expanded the Caves westward and created the Dwarven Enclave. Initially the Dwarven Enclave stood across an unoccupied space between the Dwarven Wall and the New Wall. The walls existed not because the gnomes and dwarfs fought, but because at the time those were the exterior face of the Caves and took care of the defense of the Caves as a whole. Eventually, the space between the two walls was settled as well, and finally the West Wall was built to fully seal the Caves.

The Dwarven Wall is 20 feet tall, it does not reach the ceiling of the caves. Cursory inspection reveals no exits other than the Dwarven wall, but Clive knows dwarves, and knows there are additional exits. General Gorvod says, ‘Well, technically there are no entrances to mine shafts from behind the Dwarven Wall, but dwarfs dig, and there’s nothing to prevent you from running a little unauthorized shaft from your cellar provided you only go straight down, but if there’s a cavern somewhere below, that’s not your fault, is it? Otherwise, I’d bet a profitable claim there’s a major exit somewhere below the temple of Wheyfus. Likely the holdfasts of the major clans have their own private corridors as well.’

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Dwarven Enclave

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