Elven Diaspora

The Elven Diaspora

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One of the great losses in Jaraah occurred with the fall of the elven forest homelands nearly four hundred years ago during the time of Emperor Xelem III (see Emperors of Sob-Rooz). The Claacos horde were ravaging several kingdoms simultaneously; an alliance of human kingdoms and the elven homeland stood against the horde (see the Great Alliance). Losses ran high and the alliance was pushed back, losing ground with every battle.

The Claacos horde was so formidable that the elves betrayed the alliance on the eve of the last battle of the elven forests. Their numbers dwindling due to extreme loss of life and their low birth rates, the elves used their remaining magic to disappear from their homelands and head farther north, saving the last remnants of their civilization. The elven homelands abandoned, the nearby kingdoms were left vulnerable to the horde and fell quickly. Xelem III who was leading a force from Sob-Rooz as part of the alliance also perished in the aftermath. Survivors blamed the elves, creating a rift between Old Kingdom refugees and elves that is still felt today. It is rumored that Ulahkar Yorvillian, the leader of the elves during this treacherous time, still roams the land in solitude living in anguished shame.

The elves became nomadic, organizing around tribes, similar to the barbarians of the Shomaal mountains. They preserved their customs and language, but became a people on the run. Their population has stabilized and they look southwards once more, hungry to take back what was once theirs.


The elves still remember the sacrifice of the humans on their behalf as explained by Lenwe Aldarion when he chided his comrades Arex Redrum and Lucan Silverkin for not showing enough respect for a fallen Sob-Rooz mercenary fighting with them.

Morning of the 7th day of the 3rd moon of the 4513th year of the Noruz reckoning

“Centuries ago we elves sided with human kingdoms, as we side with these Soob-Rooz mercenaries that bleed and die under my command today. In those dark times we battled the Claacos, but their numbers were legion times legion. Elf and man fell. Our beautiful forests devastated, our golden spires crumbled and our people close to extinction. We fled, and took all we could. Our culture, our history our very lives, But much has been forgotten, lost to dust and time. What we did not not take were the Sob-Rooz. They fought hard. Abandoned, yet they fought. Even their king fought unto his death. But we elves, what remained were gone, safe while our allies died and their kingdoms scattered like leaves in the wind.

We were once nation now we are tribes. We were old in this world when humans were young garbed in rotting skins and fearful of fire. Yet these humans are like our children. Our future depends on them. Should our tribes venture to become a nation once again, we must not forget the diaspora. We must show these humans the respect they have earned. We must remember their sacrifice during the great alliance, and revere their sacrifice today. WE must give them no cause to think we have forgotten or do not care”

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