Elven Totems

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Elven totems are small carved wooden animals worn around the neck. They are linked to their elven owners spiritually. Unless disposed of properly, the elf’s spirit may not leave the world after death. Over the course of their lives, individual elves will carve different totems as their roles and aspirations change. Old totems are sometimes kept. If they are not, they are ceremonially burned.

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Corvis the elf commenting to his companions on the significance of personal totems to the elven race, in the year 4512 of the Noruz reckoning.

“The Dwali tribe was wiped out, not far from Kahnul. I traveled with them for a while before a Claacos raid wiped them out. Gave me this.” He traces the broad scar that runs down his face and neck. “I don’t know if I’ll find anything there, but there may be some personal totems* still there. Though there’s little chance of burying anyone, the totems need to be ceremonially burned to allow their souls to pass on to their next life.”

Corvis the elf describing the meaning of different elven totems to Sorkin, in the year 4512 of the Noruz reckoning.

“My tribe uses birds as totems. The eagle represents the chief, the robin a teacher. The hawks and falcon are types of hunter.”


Elven Totems

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