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Kingdoms and Tribes of Jaraah

Elven society has fractured since the Elven Diaspora. They appear throughout the Shomaal as well as the Tapey Mountain Range, the Saahel Desert, and the east and west Daryaan peninsulas.

Elves are generally shunned by humans because of the elven abandonment of the Great Alliance. This dislike increases to more overt animosity in Bandar and Chogha because those kingdoms were most directly and immediately impacted by the elven change of heart. Bandar is basically civilized and elves will usually be treated rudely, but won’t otherwise be seriously harassed. Chogha is basically uncivilized and elves risk being attacked. In fact, the Choghans do not discriminate between human and elven tribes when they go on plunder expeditions in the east Daryaan peninsula.

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Before the Elven Diaspora, elvish society was organized around several Bans (similar to human Houses) most frequently named after the founder of the Ban. Bans were made up of descendants of the founder or blood relations and other families and individuals that pledged fealty to the Ban in return for the protection the Ban could offer (both in a political and martial sense). Branches of Ban, generally formed around specific families, could be granted Ban status by the parent if grown large or powerful enough on their own right. This system created a tangled weave of political alliances and loyalties complicated by the long natural life spans of the elves.

After the Diaspora, the Ban system remained somewhat intact; the Ban modeled themselves after the tribes of the Shomaal and some of the old loyalties and alliances were kept but much of the political infighting was put on hold while the elves learned to survive from one day to another. House identity is still important if not more so because of the security that it provides. Lone elves don’t last long in the wilderness between cities, or in the cities.

Although rarely used now except when high profile guests from one tribe visit another, there are formal methods to introducing elves:

  • To announce your Ban, an elf would introduce himself as, “Corvis bani Dwali.”
  • To announce your branch as well, an elf would introduce himself as, “Corvis bani Dwali ti Skystar.”
  • To announce no Ban membership, an elf would introduce himself as, “Corvis oban.”


Individual elven tribes throughout Jaraah behave mostly autonomously though they typically make some effort at mutual assistance. There are some indications this is slowly changing and elves are beginning to act in a unified manner under leadership known only as the Circle.

Major groups of elves


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