Emrys's Prophesies and Interpretations

Emrys is a priestess of Nistiqa. These are her prophecies and the feeble attempts of mortals at interpreting them.

23rd day of the 3rd moon of the 4513th year of the Noruz reckoning

While everyone else prepares the camp, Emrys meditates to try to see what is in store for the priest of Zemestan. She enters her trance, the snorting of the reindeer, heavy dwarf breathing, and clink of spikes being hammered into the hard stony ground to pitch tents steadily fade out of her consciousness as the incense billows forth and fills her tent. She waits patiently as the mists in her mind slowly clear. She sees a flock of about two dozen geese in a V formation. They are beautiful and magnificent, all sleek feathers, graceful necks, and powerful wings beating in unison. All, that is, except one. One goose looks different from the rest, shabbier, clumsier, wings beating out of synch. Curious, Emrys tries to push her vision to get a closer look. In fact, the goose is not a goose, it is a duck! The mists slowly rebuild, blocking the view of the avian creatures. Emrys wonders what it all means.

Emrys’s interpretation:

Emrys steps out of her tent, the scents of her incense carried with her. Her eyes still look a little dreamy as she states, “I have seen. Magnificent, beautiful geese. Dozens. Flying in formation. Wings beating as one. Except…” A pause, “There is one who is not. Our little duck. He’s out of place. Struggling to keep up, not in good shape. They are on the move.”

She shakes off the remnants of the mists that cling to her, “He’s not alone. I think they are moving quickly. Somehow, we must pick up the pace.”

Wyvernjack’s interpretation:

so now we just have to find a bunch of geese, take em out, expose the priest, then boom! holiday goose feast! Cool dream, ooc i’m assuming the duck is the priest hiding within a group, prolly some of these scouting humanoid parties. Makes sense, he’ll prolly get back to the chogs in one piece if he can stick to a group. Mebbe we should go scout for their campsite under cover of night and then go hunting before dawn? Try to catch them by surprise?

15th day of the 3rd moon of the 4513th year of the Noruz reckoning

While Fenn and Arex smoke away in the city, Emrys remains in her room and enters her trance to see what Nistiqa will share. The incense quickly builds in the small room and pushes Emrys to a state of numb insensation. She loses awareness of her surroundings as she closes her eyes and releases her mind to the mists of prophecy. She sees two small boys playing in an idyllic meadow, one is older and larger. Though the meadow is serene, Emrys hears a constant insectile clicking and chittering in the background. The two boys giggle mischievously, maybe even evily, as they play. Suddenly, a falcon swoops from the sky and chases the younger. The older stands by watchfully, but does not or can not intervene. The falcon chases the younger boy towards the sea where a boat is waiting. The boy boards the boat and sets sail at which point the falcon breaks off its attack. The boat sails forth, north Emrys thinks, for soon the deck is frosted with snow and ice bergs can be seen drifting in the distance. As the dream fades, Emrys notices there is not just one boat, but an entire fleet, and the boy, though he looks boyish, is of many years.

Emrys’s interpretation:

“The two boys playing are in a place of false peace. Possibly two kingdoms to the south? They play because they do not understand the danger of the Claacos around them. The falcon chases the younger boy, perhaps a younger kingdom or lord? I do not understand the falcon, we see few of them in the tundra. Perhaps a symbol of the father, goading the son to take action. Then the boy boards the boat, and it is no fishing boat. It sails north and becomes a fleet. I think a war fleet.” She looks a little pale, “Have the Choghans found allies that will sail up the coast to attack?”

Lenwe Aldarion’s interpretation:

“The two boys represent the human and elven nation before the Claacos. The boy fleeing the falcon represents the elves that reluctantly split during the diaspora. The single ship on the sea represents the feeling that we elves are alone, and that the elven nation is no more. The journey north represents the path our brothers and sisters, the Ice Elves took after the diaspora, And it is now the path we too must take if we are to find the untity and strength of one people.”

“I believe strongly that our next course of action, once the chog threat has been eliminated is to sail north, like the vision. There we will find the Ice Elves and the vision will reveal itself in greater clarity.”

“Recent events with the caravan has shown me that this is certainly my path, and this vision only confirms that.”

Emrys's Prophesies and Interpretations

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