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50 coins of any type weigh 1 pound.

Dry rations weigh 1 lb/day.

A full waterskin holds 1 gallon of water and weighs 9 lbs. Empty, it weighs 1 lb. That’s about enough water for 2 days of walking in comfortable – cold temperatures (more water or special effort needed if it is hot). Smaller creatures have a larger surface area to mass ratio, so though they need less water because they are smaller, they lose water faster relatively speaking.

All characters are assumed to wear basic clothing weighing 5 lbs. Fancier clothes must be specified and purchased.

Physically small characters can lobby the DM for lighter clothes and armor, but there may be purchase price, availability and resale value consequences.

Characters without tents, blankets, or survival proficiency, etc. will be at risk of freezing to death if they attempt to sleep out in the open in inclement weather.


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