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JangalThe Fellows of Jangal care for all flora and fauna of the forest. In the relatively densely populated Shomaal (northern tundra), they are particularly concerned with the drastic deforestation that has taken place over the past 500 years ever since the civilized races took refuge there. The trend is unsustainable. Either civilization is doomed to die out on Jaraah, or something must be done to defeat the Claacos and soon. This is a neutral religion. They are interested in restoring balance and the Claacos are definitely out of balance. Fellows follow druid rules from the Player’s Handbook, but also get major access to Time, Thought, and Wards from the Tome of Magic. TN-only.

The holy symbol for the Fellowship is mistletoe which must be harvested under specific conditions as described in the Druid’s handbook. In general, a properly harvested piece of mistletoe will last 6 weeks after which it must be replaced. Since mistletoe is a parasitic plant that takes root on trees, it is readily available only where there are reasonable numbers of trees. Druids who venture far from their wooded strongholds will have to take measures to ensure they have inventory of properly prepared and safely stored mistletoe. As a holy symbol, it is generally not consumed when used for casting prayers (see individual spell descriptions).

<cornelius: /> Druids typically spend two full days every month observing the holy days of their particular branch and of the Order as a whole. Minor celebrations usually take place in accordance with the lunar calendar; on the highly important first days of the full moon and new moon, most druids hold daylong or nightlong rites, either on their own or in the company of other druids. Even more important are those ceremonies held four times a year to celebrate the changing of the seasons. </cornelius:>

Studded leather is normally studded with metal and would normally not be allowed to druids. In Jaraah, studded leather is often studded with Claacos chitin. The status of Claacos chitin is not settled within the Fellowship. There are those who assert the Claacos are natural, and therefore armor made of their chitin is fine to use. Then there are those who assert the Claacos, though natural, are of unnatural origin and therefore their chitin is not acceptable to use.

Since Aval Kingdom has the oldest and densest remaining forests of Jaraah, it is generally believed that the leading druid of the Fellowship resides somewhere in Aval Kingdom. These druids are mostly Deep Elves. The other main stronghold of the Fellowhip is in the Republic of Daryaachey. These are mostly humans. The racial split also reflects a bit of a theological schism as well. The Deep Elves tend to think of the Claacos as nature running its course and opt for a non-intervention “leave alone and be left alone” philosophy, while the human druids tend to think of the Claacos as an abomination to nature that must be eliminated entirely. Of course there are exceptions to both extremes and there are many druids who wander the Shomaal more or less independently.

Another band of druids is known to have made the Ice Forest in the middle of Kingdom of Kermaan their home.

Fellowship of Jangal

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