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Life in the Shomaal

The most common staple in Jaraah is now Claacos. Though odorous, Claacos is nutritious and nourishing and therefore hunted throughout the southern Shomaal. The most common preparation is to merely dump all of the innards into a pot to make a stew. Lacking internal bones, this is very easy to do and every inn will have a cauldron with this mess simmering in it. Fancier places will add salt and possibly spices from the Gharb Islands. Discerning chefs will separate the leg and mandible meat from the thorax innards. This creates a less goopy stew. Claacos can also be dehydrated and formed into dry rations that will last many weeks. One day’s rations weigh a pound.

The current Duchess Alsebeth of Reyal has devised a special preparation for Claacos Drone liver known as ‘Claacos Drone Foie Gras Braised with Vegetables’. The exact preparation is a secret, but it is believed that a live drone must be captured and fed a special diet or else its liver will be the usual disgusting slop. While vegetables are expensive, they can be readily acquired. The special foie gras is available canned exclusively from the Ducal kitchens of Reyal. Jars are extremely expensive. They cost 50 gp per 1/2 lb when available in Reyal. Prices go higher as distance to Reyal increases.

Grains and vegetables are scarce and come mostly from Aval Kingdom which is far south enough for these to be cultivated reliably. The Tribes of Daryaa hunt marine mammals extensively. This type of food is plentiful in the north, but prices increase as it is transported south. All of the coastal kingdoms would fish extensively, but operations are challenging because of the dearth of wood appropriate for shipbuilding. Reindeer is herded throughout the Shomaal, but herds are relatively small compared to the populations that would like to eat them. Bear, sheep, and goats do exist in the Tapey Mountains, but they are very scarce having been aggressively hunted by both Claacos and the sentient races in the mountain ranges. As a consequence, meals without Claacos cost double Claacos based meals.


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