Great Alliance

The Great Alliance

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The Great Alliance was formed in 4135 during the time of Xelem III ‘The Good’ (see Emperors of Sob-Rooz. It included the southern kingdoms of Chogha, Bandar, and Gombadde (which did not survive to establish itself in the Shomaal. Sob-Rooz sent an army led by Xelem III to assist in the mutual defense. The elves also joined the alliance as their ancient wood lay just north of Tariq (the capital of Gombadde). The effort was too little, too late. The Claacos overwhelmed the Alliance. Gombadde was obliterated, Bandaran and Choghan refugees trekked north and flooded Sob-Rooz. Xelem IV encouraged the refugees to settle the coast north of Yazd. The elves were disgraced as they abandoned the Alliance (see Elven Diaspora).

Great Alliance

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