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Kingdom of Bandar

Unlike New Mazra which is dominated by House Ukulus, Karkeh is ruled by the triumvirate of House Rogus, House Devar, and House Elith. This split power arrangement means none of the three great houses of Karkeh can rival House Ukulus even though Karkeh has an equal choke-hold on east-west trade between the Shomaal and Aval Kingdom.

House Elith, the weakest of the trio, has the staunch backing of House Thorimin. Its prestige and influence comes through force of arms as the task of dealing with unruly elements from the lawless lands at the intersection of the Kingdom of Yazd, Empire of Sob-Rooz, and the Kingdom of Bandar itself falls disproportionately on House Elith because its lands lie southeast of Karkeh. The crown diverts no small share of the tax revenue from the entire kingdom to House Elith to secure the southwestern border. While this has elevated House Elith’s prestige within the kingdom, the extra funds and the glory of battle have not translated into any real influence or power.

House Elith

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