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Arguably second only to the Royal House of Bandar, House Ukulus has built its reputation around both commercial and military prowess. The current patriarch of House Ukulus is Duke Dragmar. His younger brother, Lord Drunor, recently retired from the position of Grand Admiral of Bandar. Lord Drafus, Dragmar’s eldest son, has chosen the martial path and is Captain of the Sea Falcon. The Sea Falcon was so named because the heraldic symbol of House Ukulus is a grey falcon.

House Ukulus’s commercial interests span all manner of goods. Somewhere around 25% of all trade through the city of New Mazra passes through agents of House Ukulus. Since nearly all trade between Aval Kingdom and the rest of the Shomaal passes through New Mazra, this is a significant slice of economic activity. As a consequence, House Ukulus has grown rich and powerful indeed. Members of House Ukulus serve appointments on the various trade and tariff boards that regulate the movement of goods through the Kingdom of Bandar. Whatever House Ukulus does not control directly, they influence through these bodies.

House Ukulus and the Bandar Civil Service do not often see eye to eye. Duke Dragmar has been known to argue that the Bandar Civil Service lacks an ambition for greatness and is content with mere expeditiousness.

House Ukulus

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