Jindao (Golden Path)

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The Jindao or Golden Path is a sect of Izanagi. It’s practitioners are usually based in the Shogunate of Kavus but are known to venture abroad and are sometimes in exile depending on the political situation. The Jindao are samurai who have chosen Izanagi as their Shogun. Some are regular samurai, some are samurai who have become priests, and a select few are paladin-samurai. The Jindao are looked on with suspicion in the best of circumstances by the terrestrial Shogun of Kavus. At times, the sect has been outright banned forcing its practitioners to live in exile.

Paladin-samurai follow all the normal rules and restrictions of paladins plus all the rules and restrictions of the samurai kit in the Fighter’s Manual. They must adhere to the rigid hierarchy of the Jindao as well as the requirements of honor in order to maintain their status. Since all Jindao pledge ultimate allegiance to Izanagi directly, offenses against the hierarchy do not result in forfeiture of paladin powers. They do cause the double xp penalty of the samurai kit. On the other hand, Jindao who have offended Izanagi have also offended the sect and will lose both paladin and samurai powers (and penalties). They convert to regular fighters of the same level (losing any extra xp). Although Izanagi is L-N, he finds the dedication and rigor of this sect pleasing and so grants powers to the L-G Jindao.


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