Jongo’s notes on Lord Laetho ‘The Strong’ of House Moige

Jongo’s Notes

Jongo has copied a portrait of Laetho hanging in House Moige’s manor outside New Darin. It shows a slim figure with sparkling blue eyes clad in piecemeal armor with a helm tucked under his left arm. He wears chain mail sleeves with a solid metal breastplate and no armor on the legs. He is standing with his right foot on a rock forcing his right leg to bend at the knee. His right hand grasps a sword that remains sheathed in its scabbard. A shield with the device of House Moige leans against the rock below Laetho’s right foot. The breastplate is finely tooled with a pattern of leaves and flowers alternating along vines running up and down vertically. Jongo has put a lot of effort into detailing the visible parts of the helm, breastplate, shield, and sword. Not much else is visible.

  • House Moige known for large, very strong men.
  • Laetho’s father might have been cuckolded. Blue eyes are rare in Sob-Rooz nobility (typical of Aval nobility). Also, Laetho unusually slim compared to his ancestors.
  • Laetho did share his father’s strength as there are old tales of his feats of strength. However, current scions of House Moige are not remarkably strong.


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