Jongo’s notes on Duke of Meybod, Rur of House Kanska

Jongo’s Notes

Jongo has copied a portrait of Rur hanging in House Kanska’s palace in New Meybod. It shows a grizzled, middle-aged man with dark brown hair starting to gray clad in plate mail armor with a helm tucked under his left arm. He is standing with his right foot on a rock forcing his right leg to bend at the knee. His right hand grasps a sword that remains sheathed in its scabbard. A shield with the device of House Kanska leans against the rock below Rur’s right foot. Jongo has put a lot of effort into detailing the visible parts of the helm, armor, shield, and sword. Not much else is visible. It looks like Jongo started to draw some of the background of the portrait, but then stopped.

  • Went hunting with the current Duke of Meybod named Turo in 4498. No good stories.
  • Commanded skirmishers who took position on the hill southeast from Xelem XV.


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