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Military and Paramilitary Units

Knights of Khoob Knights of Khoob are paladins. They constitute the military wing of the Temple of Khoob. Other religions may sport paladins as well, but the Knights of Khoob are the largest and best known association of these holy warriors. The hierarchy is very flat and de-centralized. Initiates begin as ‘Knights of Khoob’. They choose their own missions and may or may not operate solo, with other Knights of Khoob, or with other adventurers. Once they reach roughly level 9 and have achieved enough great deeds, they may be named to the ‘Order of Dawnbringers’ by the incumbents. Theoretically, the Light of Khoob can call a mustering of the Knights of Khoob for a dire emergency, but this has never been done. The call would be done through prayer, and all Knights of Khoob would feel the pull rather than literally hear it.

Current Dawnbringers

Dawnbringer Yolem


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