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Bandar ArmsBandar was one of the members of the Great Alliance. After the treachery of the elves (see Elven Diaspora), Bandaran refugees flooded into New Sob-Rooz. Unable to absorb the influx, Xelem IV assisted the refugees in establishing a new kingdom on the east coast of the Shomaal north of Yazd. After some growing pains from sorting out the succession, Bandar has now established itself as a peaceful and orderly realm with an unusually highly developed civil service. Bandar’s main economic activities are fishing and trade.

<jdsher> The arms of Bandar are shown at left. The device is blazoned: Per saltire azure and argent; overall a rapier proper bendwise sinister, and a quill pen proper bendwise; chief sable, per pale a pale sanguine adjacent and between two pales Or; supported by a tree and a fish proper; motto Security through Good Governance; all under a regal crown. The blue and white pattern represents Bandar’s maritime character, while the sword and pen (with the pen over the sword) represent Bandar’s motto of “Security through Good Governance.” The pattern in chief is characteristic of New Bandar and recognizes the role of the Empire of Sob-Rooz in assisting the Bandaran refugees to found the New Kingdom in the Shomaal. The supporters represent Bandar’s commercial character of fishing (in sinister) and trading (represented by the tree/wood in dexter). Finally, the crown represents the legal authority and protection of the Bandaran royalty. </jdsher>

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