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Kavus is the land of oriental themed kits and classes. It is ruled by a Shogun who commands feudal samurai in tension with the secretive ninja who act as they see fit. The samurai and ninja balance each other. Both have the same objective, to preserve the culture of Kavus and help Kavus dominate others, but they vie with each other for influence over the Shogun. When the Shogun is weak, the various samurai and ninja clans will form composite coalitions to battle each other to dominate and even replace the Shogun.

The Shogunate of Kavus originally lay north of the Empire of Sob-Rooz just east of the Saahel desert and west of the original territory of Zahedan. After the cities Marakan in Sob-Rooz and Ulakh in Zahedan fell in 4077 to the Claacos during the time of the Last Exodus, Aelo III, Shogun of Kavus decided to commence an orderly retreat into the Shomaal. He built his new capital where the East and West Twilight Lakes meet.

Relations with Sob-Rooz have always been rocky starting with Xelem VIII who stoked a war between Kavus and Kermaan. This conflict is believed to have helped the Prophets of Talkh gain substantial influence in both Kavus and Kermaan. It was also the impetus for the formation of the Order of Hehping. Kavus took advantage of Xelem XV’s folly and captured the city of Arakan on the eastern shore of the East Twilight Lake. Xelem XVI wrested it back after 25 years. 10 years later, Xelem XVII ‘Iron-Fist’ invaded and occupied all of Kavus until his death in 4466 at which point Kavusian exiles ousted Xelem XVIII ‘The Fool’ (see Emperors of Sob-Rooz). There is a bit of a thaw under the current Emperor Xelem XX, but suspicions remain on both sides.

Kavusian society is currently stuck in a morass of depression and fatalism. This is due to the desolate territory, recent wars, and the growing influence of the Prophets of Talkh. As the Prophets have waxed, the historically dominant faith in Izanagi has waned. Some believe that there are priests of Izanagi who have actually secretly converted to the Prophets of Talkh. What is known to be true is that some daimyo have started occasionally ordering one or two of their samurai to commit seppuku on an altar of Talkh. This practice has been increasing in recent years. Becoming desperate, many samurai have started to go renegade and become ronin either because they have been ordered to commit seppuku on an altar of Talkh, or because they reject their Daimyo for ordering a fellow samurai to do so. These samurai end up in ronin mercenary bands serving other kingdoms, in the so-called Ronin Clans who aimlessly roam the Kavusian countryside, or in the Zahedanian Protectorate serving in Ushan choosing an honorable death against the Claacos over seppuku for the benefit of the Prophets.

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Kingdom of Kavus

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