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After the defeat of the Great Alliance, King Holus of Kermaan led his people to the last, and worst, remaining land in the Shomaal. Worst, that is, except for the permanently frozen East and West Daryaan Peninsulas. The Kermaan have always felt cheated at this allocation. Since they were able to relocate relatively unmolested by the Claacos (though defeated, the Great Alliance did substantial damage to the Claacos prompting a bit of remission), Kermaan re-established itself in strength. Fearing the might of what was actually a higher population neighbor with severe natural resource constraints, Xelem VII took advantage of discontent by supporting rebellious nobles who successfully seceded to form the Kingdom of Masulee. His successor Xelem VIII continued this policy of undermining Kermaan by prolonging the Kermaan-Kavus war through duplicitous diplomacy and arms sales. The war left both kingdoms destitute, impoverished, and depopulated. An unfortunate side-effect was the increased prominence of the Prophets of Talkh in both kingdoms. Besides the Prophets of Talkh, Zemestan has a substantial following in Kermaan. Xelem XII fought a brief war with Kermaan over fishing rights in the East Twilight Lake and trade terms (see Emperors of Sob-Rooz).

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Kingdom of Kermaan

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