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The Kingdom of Seft is best known for its great Academy of Seft. It is a small kingdom that keeps to itself and tries not to overtly provoke its neighbors. Since wizards are widely blamed by the masses for unleashing the Claacos, this kingdom tries to keep a low profile in Shomaal politics. It is well able to defend itself given the high concentration of mages, but not against a coordinated assault by a large number of neighbors. Because of their exceptional affinity for illusion magic, a substantial community of gnomes have settled in Seft and some number among the faculty at the Academy of Seft. However, as Illusion is not taken seriously by the ‘real’ magic-users running the Academy, there is no formal School of Illusion within the Academy. That frivolity is nurtured at MIT. Seft is a ‘new’ kingdom. It was established by remnants of kingdoms that did not survive with critical mass as well as discontented groups from some of the other major kingdoms.

<api: /> The Kingdom of Seft is run by a hereditary king in conjunction with a council of Nobles. This council consists of 6 Nobles, each with the hereditary title of Aldar. Each of the Aldars is advised by a student wizard. In the past, this wizard was selected by the Aldar via a rigorous interview process. However, as more and more wizard students wanted to focus on their studies, the Academy in recent years (the last 20 years), has only sent 1 candidate wizard per Aldar to serve as adviser for a period of 2 years at a time. The Aldars don’t particularly mind, as the wizards are free educated labor, and they serve as a useful conduit for the Aldars to the Academy. Most student wizards, understandably, do not relish the time wasted to perform essentially menial tasks for the Aldars, especially when they detract from their studies. </api:>

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Kingdom of Seft

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