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Before the arrival of the Claacos, Yazd kingdom lay south of its current location with Taft its northernmost city. Shortly after Emperor Nagud IV (see Emperors of Sob-Rooz) established New Sob-Rooz in the Shomaal in 4060, King Jarlock of Yazd established a military outpost at the current location of New Zarch. When the Claacos started to approach Yazd nearly 100 years later, fearful refugees started pouring into the outpost which was renamed New Zarch when the old capital in the south was abandoned in 4150. Since the Kingdom of Yazd did not ever seriously engage the Claacos, it has been plagued by over population and accompanying poverty ever since the south was abandoned. Even as its population has fallen due to migration, disease, and Claacos privations, the ability of the land to sustain habitation has already been substantially degraded. It is nearly completely deforested. Strategists in both Aval Kingdom and Sob-Rooz agree Taft is the weak link in the defense of the Shomaal, but neither will allow the other to occupy Yazd.

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Kingdom of Yazd

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