Kingdoms of the Gharb Islands

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Kingdoms of Jaraah

Fortunately, though the Claacos can swim and survive a long time without eating by entering a suspended hibernation state, salt water penetrates their exoskeletons and they shrivel as the osmotic imbalance sucks water out of them. There are three major islands on the Gharb Archipelago. The largest and most populated is Gharb. The other two are Lassu and Chorb. Each island is ruled independently of the others. These kingdoms were largely unaffected by the Claacos invasion except for the large influx of refugees and loss of trading opportunities. They have had 500 years to adjust, but they are still highly xenophobic and hostile to anyone who wants to move to their islands. The dominant religion in the Gharb archipelago is Nentu, God of the Ocean.

The Gharb Islands’ primary exports to the rest of civilization are spices, pearls, dried kelp, and products derived from exotic sea creatures.

Kingdoms of the Gharb Islands

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