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Rule Modifications and Other Mechanics

The Ninja class is a custom class created for this campaign. Ninja are the complement of Samurai. While Samurai must be lawful, Ninja must be chaotic. Ninja are built around the Bard class. They are mechanically the same as Bards with the following differences:

  • DEX 15 and INT 14 ability requirements
  • Move Silently/Hide in Shadows/Climb Walls/Detect Noise
  • Can only learn Illusion and Alteration spells
  • Backstab multiplier as a thief of the same level
  • No other bard abilities (influence reactions, inspire crowds, counter certain magical attacks, and learn a little bit of everything)
  • Free specialization in Martial Arts
  • Free Acrobatics, Running, and Endurance

Ninja have a restrictive code of behavior. Though they are freelance and can use whatever methods they wish, they must observe a few rules. Ninja must act to advance the culture and dominance of Kavus society (this requirement is highly subjective and vulnerable to aggressive interpretation). They must warn their principal enemies if they intend to attack. This courtesy does not extend to lieutenants or lackeys. The ninja does not have to disclose his identity, just that he is in fact a ninja. Nor does the ninja have to give any information about the time, place, or intended method of attack. If a ninja fails to observe these rules, other ninja will hunt him down.

Ninja arts do not come naturally. They are acquired through intense study. Characters cannot dual-class into ninja, nor can they multi-class ninja. Ninja characters can dual-class out of ninja. All ninja initially study under a jonin. Despite their chaotic nature, ninja must obey their jonin or else other ninja (and especially their jonin) will hunt them down. If they fail their jonin, they become disgraced and earn only 1/2 xp until they redeem their honor. If/when a ninja’s jonin dies, or if a ninja becomes higher level than his jonin, then he is freed from this restriction. Though ninja are typically subjects of the Shogun, they are not generally known to be ninja by the Shogun. They may choose to reveal themselves as ninja to the Shogun and execute missions, but there is no formal chain of command since it is up to the ninja to offer to serve as a ninja.

Although nothing inherently prevents other races from studying to become ninja, the training of ninja is a closely guarded secret among certain Kavusian clans. Therefore, for all practical purposes, all ninja are human (and Kavusian).


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