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Priest Rules

Nistiqa is the goddess of prophecy. She is primarily worshiped by Clan Nistiqa which is one of the Tribes of Daryaa. Priests of Nistiqa follow the “Oracle/Prophecy” rules in the Priest’s Manual and have major access to Thought, Time, and Numbers form the Tome of Magic. Nistiqa is T-N. Priests can be N-any. Those seeking foresight should know there is no divine requirement for the priests to faithfully relate any visions they might receive.

Nistiqa’s symbol varies, but the most common is eye with a constellation of stars in the iris as described by Emrys to wyvWyvernjack

She shows him her holy symbol medallion, “This is the eye of the dreamer. Open, displaying wisdom within. I chose to carve mine with the constellation of Hookaph, narwhal steed of Nistiqa, mystic and messenger of mysteries.”



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