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The Order of Hehping was formed in 4236 during the time of Xelem VIII when Kavus and Kermaan were at war. Deploring the futile violence and the misuse, in his opinion, of honor to justify prolonging the conflict, Hehping led his followers to the current site of the order’s single monastery nestled in the foothills of southeastern Kavus near the Zahedan border. The shogun considered Hehping and his followers dishonorable deserters and sent soldiers to conscript them back into the standing armies. Instead of carrying out the shogun’s orders, these soldiers joined the order. Some claim it was the intervention of Izanagi signaling his support of the new order, others assert the war had simply gone on too long and these soldiers wanted to retire from it as well. Disgraced, the shogun was overthrown. The new shogun ended the conflict with Kermaan.

Though these monks have dedicated themselves to serving Izanagi by perfecting martial arts fighting techniques, they remain aloof from the affairs of the world and do not choose sides in any conflicts. As a consequence, they are essentially pacifists despite their fighting skills. Visitors to the monastery are greeted with the question, “Do you bring peace?” Most visitors answer in the affirmative and are allowed to tour the grounds and rest. Those who answer in the negative either seriously or in jest are blocked from entrance. Since the monks are completely inoffensive and live an apparently spartan lifestyle, nobody really has a reason to make a determined forced entry. What the monks would do in the event of an actual assault is not known.

Order of Hehping

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