Revelations of the Vessel

Revelations of the Vessel

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Sometime during the 7th moon of the 4513th year of the Noruz Reckoning, the Ninja Yosai of Clan Chiba infiltrated the Pavilion of Talkh during the siege of the Thermal Caves. In the quarters of the High Priest, he recovered a tome of dark magic later determined to be the “Revelations of the Vessel.” The Vessel of Talkh is understood to be the leader of the Prophets, but nothing specific is known about the individual.

The book recovered by Yosai is a massive tome in excellent condition. It is likely a relatively new copy. It is about 4 inches thick with rough pages made of some kind of hide. The cover looks like it’s made of black leather stamped with human arms and a ghastly shriveled head in the middle. No, upon closer inspection, the arms and head are real.

Harken yee oh wretched ones for I bring word from the One Who Comes for All. The Great One before Whom All Inevitably Tremble has shared with me great powers and a vision for when we, his faithful minions, will rule over this world and hasten the meeting of mortals with the Eternal Harvester.

The Gatekeeper to the Afterlife has revealed to me His catalyst on this world. There is a forest not far from here of eternal trees whose roots grow slowly but ever deeply into the very life force of this world. Great power can be channeled through these trees, but they are delicate and must be harvested with precision and care lest their essential essence be damaged and rendered impotent.

With this catalyst, we can channel our Lord Reaper’s ever growing power to create and control ever more numerous and formidable minions. We can transport to His domain where the life force of any who dare follow will be quickly siphoned away. Glory in the gifts of the Ruler of the Darkness, we are His ever faithful servants.


Revelations of the Vessel

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