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Sacred Aval Sacred Aval is the state religion of Aval Kingdom. In keeping with their sense of superiority for being the eldest nation in Jaraah (though the elves might debate that point), they have their own official religion dedicated to celebrating and maintaining the cultural integrity of Aval Kingdom. No other nations adhere to this faith, but small temples and shrines can be found in sufficiently large expatriate communities. The head of the church is the King of Aval, though he need not be a priest or have any formal religious training. In matters that do not require the king’s involvement, Sacred Aval is run by six bishops, one representing each of Aval Kingdom’s largest cities (see Cities). Priests of Sacred Aval follow ‘Rulership/Kingship’ rules from the Priest’s Handbook and get minor access to Law and War from the Tome of Magic. Priests can be N-any. Followers can be any alignment, as can the King of Aval despite his position as head of the religion.

Sacred Aval

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