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Kingdom of Seft


Ratol lies a few hours march east of Rasht on the Daryaan road. It is the first village travelers will pass through on their way to the Thermal Caves.

There are two dog breeders. Both are surly looking and their hounds don’t look as good as the ones in Rasht. There is a small tavern, a small store, and a smithy. Besides the residential houses, there are more of those ice houses dotting the countryside. Everything is made of the same ice brick popular in Seft except for the smithy which is made of stone. The smithy is larger and stouter than it needs to be for strictly blacksmithing work since it also serves as a place of refuge in case bandits come. There are a few small shrines in the village to Oetheni, Khoob, and Kaikias. Finally, there is a three story ice tower next to the smithy.


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