Sol's Collected Works

Sol-ess Alean-Raheal

Submitted to the Thermal Caves Temple of Anahita sometime in the early spring of the year 4513 of the Noruz reckoning.

The Princess And The Key

A long time ago, in the land of Nestingbough,
a beautiful young Princess danced in a garden.
Dreaming of the day when she might wed
to a dashing Prince she imagined in her head.

She often thought about, how her life would turn out,
if one day her Prince should appear.
A Prince with a kind and handsome face,
who would come to take her from this place.

For though dancing and care free, as she seemed to be,
an evil Wizard had placed her here in this garden.
Hoping one day to make her his bride,
but the Princess refused as she had much pride.

Then one day , as she was dancing at play,
she saw something shining in the grass.
Is it gold, or sliver, she said to herself, I wonder what it can be,
she picked it up and brushed it off with her sleve, and saw that it was a key.

She tried the big box, that had two locks,
the key did not fit.
She tried the door she had been through before,
still the key did not fit.
She went to the big iron gate of the garden,could it be?
Will this key really set me free.

She slipped the key into the garden gate lock,
click, click, as the gate began to open.
and as she slid through the opening,
she could hear the evil Wizard mooping,
“what has become of my key,”? someone had better bring it back to me!

But the Princess just kept on going, as her gourage was growing,
she ran so fast,and did not stop til she knew she was far away.
Very tired now she stopped to rest under a tree,
still holding on to the shinny key.

At that very moment a young man happened by,
ridding his white horse he had named Sky.
he said to her,’’I am a Prince from my Castel near,
Please, can you tell me your name, my dear.

The Princess replied my name is Larah Leigh, I used to live by the sea,
until an evil Wizard imprisoned me.
and now I am free. and when a branch hide the sun from her eyes,
she saw the Prince, the one of her dreams, imagine her surprise.
The Prince said,’’You are the fairest Princess I have ever seen,
you are the one I saw in my dream.

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Sol's Collected Works

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