Sol's Correspondence

Correspondents of Sol-ess Alean-Raheal

Name of Correspondent Primary Topic of Discourse Correspondent’s Position
Jongo the Drummer Nature of 1/2-elven culture Jongo professes that 1/2 elven culture can be based on a philosophy of mutual assistance. Artifacts such as a homeland, a literary tradition, a unique language, etc. are unnecessary.
Graeson Clan Hormod Lore of the Ancient Dwarfs Graeson holds with conventional wisdom that the Old Dwarven Vale is the original homeland of the dwarfs.
Minora Priestess of Anahita Inspiration for the Arts Minora argues that inspiration comes entirely from the goddess and is filtered and channeled by the artist from within, outside influences play little to no role.

Jongo the Drummer

Jongo But the elves are scattered, the humans are so diverse, and most half-elves see only one or neither of their parents’ cultures. Our heritages do not unite us. We all must embrace other half-elves as kin and through mutual assistance we will find our own common identity. I’m happy to hear you are finally able to make it to the Thermal Caves to see Anahita’s Temple. I have a gnome friend, Sorkin. I don’t know if he’s there, but if you run across him, say hello for me!
Sol While I believe part of your information, I believe that the 1/2 elven race is by definition it’s own culture and shares common themes from both elven and human ancestry.
Sol I believe that eventually the 1/2 elves will have their own distinctiveness and identity As the number of 1/2 elves grow so will the culture.

Graeson Clan Hormod

Graeson Do you plan to travel to the Old Dwarven Vale? I myself have never been there and would welcome a first-hand account from an impartial observer. If the dwarfs are not from there, then where else could they be from?
Sol My dear friend Graeson Clan Hormod, I might have further information to the contrary and will correspond after conversing with several clans. I hope to locate these clans in the near future. Your belief presents an intersting view.
Sol My dear friend Graeson Clan Hormod, recent information does indicate that a Vale was inhabited and originally ringed by dwarves of differing class until war destroyed many so they took refuge in the Vale.

Minora Priestess of Anahita

Minora When I say art, I mean “true” art. I agree one can be affected by external influences, but then one does not create true art, one is only copying, reflecting what is already out there. True art comes from within, that is the only way to create something completely original.
Sol Dear Minora Priestess of Anahita, I believe outside influences play a small part in our artistic abilities. These external influences must impact our art in some small way but the goddess may have placed those stimuli there. I look forward to our continued discussions on the topic.
Sol Dear Minora Priestess of Anahita, I think it is possible that the external stimuli first ingnites the thought of creating something but that art is then created from within.

Sol's Correspondence

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