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Empire of Sob-Rooz


Marvar is, relatively speaking, the breadbasket of Sob-Rooz. Though the growing season is very short and the land fairly infertile, the farmers make do with what they have available. Rye is the dominant crop, followed by hay for winter forage for the reindeer herds, and some wheat. Marvar also serves as a military reserve for both New Darin as well as Ushan in the Zahedanian Protectorate. The road connecting Marvar to Ushan was built by Emperor Xelem IX (see Emperors of Sob-Rooz) who converted to the Temple of Khoob and ushered in an era of close cooperation across the Shomaal. As a consequence of its marginal agricultural economy, Marvar is a relatively poor and low population city.

In 4384, the Duke of Marvar, Afer of House Vernum, accompanied Xelem XV on his ill-fated southern conquest against the Claacos. The Duke was a trusted adviser of the Emperor’s and led a substantial part of the Sob-Rooz army. The Duke perished along with Xelem XV and the entire army somewhere south of New Darin. Having been severely weakened, Sob-Rooz was left vulnerable (see Xelem XV and XVI). House Vernum still holds the Duchy of Marvar.


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