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Temple of Khoob Temple of Khoob: The Templars of Khoob seek to help the weak, ease suffering, and promote peace among the children of Jaraah. They believe the Claacos were sent as a test to teach the children of Jaraah to live in peace and cooperation. When the lesson is learned, the ‘New Dawn’ will begin. This is a good religion and is currently led by Dreva, Light of Khoob. Paladins (Knights of Khoob) will be of this faith. Templars follow the rules for the ‘Dawn’ sect in the Priest’s Handbook and get major access to Law and Wards and minor access to Thought and Time from the Tome of Magic. L-G, N-G, C-G ok, Paladins must be L-G. See Knights of Khoobfor more information on paladins. The symbol for the Temple of Khoob consist of a gold half sun with rays streaking outward rising above the horizon. The background of the top half with the gold rising sun is sky blue. The bottom half is black. The High Temple of Khoob is located in the city of Bash in Zahedan where the sun first rises on the Shomaal (in Jaraah, the sun rises in the west and sets in the east).

The Templars of Khoob emerged among the early Shomaal refugee communities. The sect was particularly popular among the masses in New Azakh. As they gained influence, they increasingly caught the unwanted attention of other local powers. In order to develop themselves in peace, many of the Templars left New Azakh to found Bash as their holy city in 4124. Free to act as they thought best, they quickly grew in strength and numbers as followers flocked to the new city. The Knights of Khoob were founded in 4126 to defend the city. When Claacos started to appear on the southern border of the Shomaal in 4164, the Light of Khoob and the Dawnbringers decided the political chaos in New Azakh had to end. They attacked New Azakh, ended the political infighting, and established the Protectorate of Zahedan.

Temple of Khoob

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