The Willing

The willing

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Togoshi frowns, " It is well-known the Prophets can reanimate the dead to serve as mindless automatons, but it is rumored those who deliver their souls to Talkh of their own volition can be reanimated with their intelligence intact, perverted to serve Talkh as powerful undead for eternity or until slain. Such are called the Willing. It is said those with the strongest life force gain the most power when they go through the rite of transformation. These include the Samurai who have mastered the focus of their “ki.” It also includes elves because of their exceptionally long lives. It is said the Prophets who bring willing samurai and elves to Talkh earn that dark god’s highest favors. This news is most disturbing, for it is also said the Willing can look like the rest of us. If they die from poison, or blood-letting, the method of death might not be readily visible and so the living may be deceived!"

The Willing

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