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Thermal Caves


In the main gallery of the Temple of Anahita, a relief sculpture of the goddess rests along the back wall. Her arms reach upwards and her hair is windswept vertically. Her hair turns onto the ceiling and billows out, getting thicker and thicker. The ends exit the building housing the gallery and air gushes forth.

Works are presented to the goddess in the gallery. Works that please her can be determined with detect magic. The priests remove pieces that fall out of favor, replacing them with new works. Pieces that have been retired a sold to the highest bidder. Longtime favorites of course fetch a higher price.

Minora explains how things work, " We don’t have a formal hierarchy. Each priest is basically self-sufficient. Sure we help each other, but Anahita is the judge of our work. The longer your works hold her favor, the higher price they will fetch from the faithful. Things are pretty informal otherwise. We try to talk things through and compromise when there are any conflicts about space or materials. Our only formal position is the representative to the representative to the Gnomish Council. We vote for that every year. Right now, Derkin represents us. He’s one of the most senior priests here. He does great work based on circular forms."

Thermal Caves Temple of Anahita

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