Thermal Caves Temple of Gohkul

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Thermal Caves


Arex Redrum of the Elder Regiment looks up at the stone columns carved in fanciful patterns. Gargoyles with bizarre faces peer over the roof. They must be purely ornamental as there is no rain within the Thermal Caves for them them divert. The masonry is a mix of jovial colors and are not set square, giving the building a haphazard appearance. Arex enters, cool and refreshing wind blowing gently into his face. He hears the faintest click as the floor below him gives slightly. Instinct takes over and he tumbles to the left as a net falls from the ceiling. He hears gnomish cursing followed by hilarious laughter along with feet scurrying down some dark arcade deeper into the temple. A hooded gnome steps from around the base of a column, ‘Greetings tall one, and welcome to Gohkul’s house.’

Thermal Caves Temple of Gohkul

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