Thermal Caves Temple of Oetheni

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Thermal Caves

Arex Redrum walks up to the main temple of Oetheni. He’s feeling very refreshed after a nice warm bath and the soft feather mattress from last night. The caves are pleasant today, warm from the depths of the earth, but with a refreshing cool breeze brushing his face as he ascends the steps to the temple proper. The temple has some traffic. Robed priests and ceremonial guards are about, as are lay-gnomes seeking cures, wisdom, and other services at the temple.

Having been initiated, Arex Redrum gets a tour of the temple and has slightly more liberty than before to wander it without challenge. He is still shooed away from most of the heavy stone doors trafficked by priests, but is not concerned since no fresh air is blowing out of those areas. Instead, he lights a cigar and uses the smoke to guide him to the back wall of the temple behind the main public areas. There he finds an enormous sculpture in high relief. The sculpture depicts a large crowd parading in honor of Oetheni. The sculpture is huge. It runs about 100 feet along the back wall and rises 30 feet. The mouths of the hundreds of figures (mostly gnomes, but Arex spots a sizable minority of dwarfs and a handful of elves, humans, and others), are black with darkness. They are carved deeply, in fact, Arex is sure they are carved through to the other side, wherever that is, since there is no hiding the fresh air issuing forth from them.

Oetheni temple complex

Thermal Caves Temple of Oetheni

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