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Tiefling Town is of uncertain origins. Some believe there was always a settlement of Tieflings near the Badlands, and it simply grew as the Claacos drove all north. Others say it was founded during the rise of the Claacos by a particularly farsighted Tiefling leader. Regardless, it is here, or is it over there?

There are many theories about why Tiefling Town is so hard for non-residents to find. The only thing certain is that it lies vaguely south of Crossroads. Southeast? Southwest? Who can be sure? One theory is that the lands around Tiefling Town are enchanted with powerful shifting illusions and charms that misguide and disorient those seeking the settlement. Others say it is the ever-shifting terrain of the Badlands that hide it. Another theory is that the Tieflings are simply nomadic and are constantly on the move. A final theory holds that a powerful being watches over Tiefling Town and determines whether to permit or deny entry.

Regardless, even the Tieflings from Tiefling Town appear to be unable to explain its location, and there have certainly been those who have tried to wrench that information willingly or not!

Of the civilized races, Tieflings are the least common, more prevalent only than the dragonborn. There are various communities of them scattered here and there. New Sob-Rooz houses the largest known community. Tiefling Town competes for that title, but only by rumor.

Tieflings have a long history fighting with and against the Empire. The ancestral tiefling families that have carried the Sob-Rooz banner into battle earned their place in the new capital and hold important hereditary positions. The exact nature of their services to the Empire through its long history has never been clear. That only adds to the mystery and dread when interacting with these privileged members of the “demon race.”

Other tieflings have more mundane stories. Though fearsome to look at, most Tieflings are like everybody else, just trying to make it to the next day. Though others do it without the taint of the infernal…

Tiefling Town

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