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Life in the Shomaal

This table lists the overland and oceangoing distances between the major cities of Jaraah. Direct airborne travel is approximately 80% of overland travel, unless serious mountains with lots of switchbacks are involved in which case air travel is much faster.

When Claacos Risk is medium, overland travel can be accomplished safely in large groups. This often means limiting movement to the pace of wagons.

When Claacos Risk is high, wagon speed is simply too slow for trips over 100 miles. Caravans that can fend of single attacks will eventually succumb to repeated attacks on a nearly daily basis. On high risk routes, heavily armed military or paramilitary groups can survive, or else smaller fast moving units who can break camp on a moments notice can elude the Claacos.

City 1 City 2 Overland Claacos Risk Oceangoing
Aval City Zabol 400 miles (road) Low N/A
Aval City Alabash 325 miles (road) Low N/A
Aval City Jiroft 200 miles (road) Negligible N/A
Aval City Reyal 225 miles (road) Negligible N/A
Aval City Negal 200 miles (road) Negligible N/A
Alabash Kahnul 25 miles (road) Medium N/A
Alabash Jiroft 325 miles (road) Low N/A
Alabash Lighthouse of Kahnul 65 miles (road) Low N/A
Zabol Kahnul 300 miles (road) Medium 1800 miles
Zabol Negal 450 miles (road) Medium 500 miles
Zabol New Mazra N/A N/A 550 miles
Zabol New Zarch 450 miles (road) Medium 500 miles
New Zarch New Mazra 150 miles (road) Medium 100 miles
New Mazra Karkeh 300 miles (road) Low N/A
Karkeh Seft City 300 miles (road) Negligible N/A
Karkeh New Sob-Rooz 300 miles (road) Negligible N/A
Seft City Rasht 150 miles (road) None 150 miles
Rasht Thermal Caves 200 miles (snow) None N/A
Chogha City Thermal Caves 250 miles (snow) None N/A

Cost of travel

  • Regular fare by oceangoing ship: 1 gp/100 miles
    • includes meals
    • assumes the ship has a movement rating of 4 (100 miles/day)
    • slower ships will be less expensive, faster ships will be more)
  • Regular fare by overland horse-drawn carriage: 1 gp/35 miles
    • includes meals
    • assumes good roads (35 miles/day)
    • express carriages available, but max speed is 50 miles/day (3 gp/ 50 miles)
  • Regular fare by overland reindeer-drawn carriage/sleigh: 1 gp/ 25 miles
    • includes meals
    • assumes good roads or snow (25 miles/ day)


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